Janene Joy Grosz performed for many years and worked with helping put on many community based productions at the Worthington Auditorium where she eventually went on to also manage the box office. After several years of both “Gone Country” and “Corn Of The Cob” productions…. John Grosz (Sioux Falls SD) was asked to play guitar in the “Gone Country” band and after taking the next year off was asked to put a band together to help with “Gone Country”. 

John chose several regional close friends who we had worked with in other bands for years and the “No Name All Star Band” was born!! This band performed for the majority of the next 7 years of “Gone Country”.  In 2022 a group was formed to organize the “Worthington Opry” and they had a very successful show at the Worthington Auditorium. 

As the pandemic began to ease  in 2021, one of the groups John Grosz regularly played guitar for called and asked if Janene Winters could step in and cover as the husband and wife team that makes up ½ of the Clay Creek Deaf Cowboy Band from Vermillion both had tested positive with covid! Janene had two evenings to “pull together” enough material! The night went well and the next night Jane with John and a couple of friends covered another gig for Clay Creek in Utica SD. 

Soon after that John in scheduling with the Eagles in South Sioux City NE he mentioned Janene would love the opportunity to again perform with a group and a date was decided upon. In talking to bass player Sam Irish Sr (Sioux City IA) about a name he suggested “Janene And The Machine”! 

Since then the band has performed many times as is looking forward to many more and working on putting out some original material as well!!